Pickleball Court Reservation

Welcome to our pickleball court reservation system! 

We’re excited to offer this service at the following City Parks in Frisco:

  • Warren Sports Complex.
  • Shawnee Trail Sports Complex.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our pickleball courts and reservation guidelines. Here are our court reservation details:

Reservation Fee:

  • $5.50 for 1.5 hours of pickleball court usage
  • If you wish to reserve a full tennis court, you must book both pickleball courts adding up to that particular tennis court. (For example, booking pickleball courts 1A, and 1B will be equivalent to reserving tennis court #1).

Pickleball Restrictions:

  • Teaching instructors must be approved by Frisco Community Tennis in order to give any private or group lessons.
  • Pickleball is NOT ALLOWED in any FISD High Schools or Middle Schools tennis courts.

Bring Your Own Net: Please note that you need to bring your own pickleball net for court setup.

Here are the steps to reserve a pickleball court:

  1. Log in to the Frisco Community Tennis app or the players portal at friscoct.clubautomation.com
  2. Navigate to the “Reservations” section.
  3. Choose the day on which you would like to reserve a court.
  4. Add participants who will be joining you, if applicable.
  5. Click on “Advanced options.”
  6. Select “Parks (Tennis and Pickleball)” as the service location.
  7. Choose a court within either Shawnee Trail Sports Complex or Warren Sports Complex courts.
  8. Click “Apply.”
  9. Select “search” to view all available timings for that specific court and location.
  10. Choose the desired court and click “Reserve.” A message will pop up on the app confirming a successful reservation. You should receive a confirmation email within 20 minutes.

Experience a New Era of Tennis in Frisco.